Himachal government gives big blow to non-Himachal Employees

Non-Himachali officers and employees working in Himachal will not be allowed to buy land to build houses in the state. The government has recently banned the order for exemption.
Anger of opposition of the people of Himachal, Chief Minister Jairam Thakur intervened in this matter. The government has issued a new notification and has implemented the old system under which the land for the house can be purchased only by the same officer or employee who has been providing services for more than thirty years. Himachal Pradesh Tenancy and Land Reforms Rules 1975, which have been amended from time to time in the year 2012, in rule Rule 38A of the third paragraph, in all Rule 2, condition B says that 150 to 500 square meters of land should be given to build the house. Its various organizations and peoples of Himachal have strongly opposed this decision in social media. After this the order has been withdrawn on the intervention of the Chief Minister. This has shocked non-HP officials and employees in a way.
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